Debate Society

Why They're Here:

  • Chris Farley: Van Down by the River. Chippendales. Nuf Said.
  • John Belushi: The original crazy man. Unstoppable energy. Defined the original show.
  • Tina Fey: Definition of wit, sarcasm, and smarts. Best head writer?
  • Chevy Chase: The original main man. Only one year, but catapulted the show into must-see tv.
  • Amy Poehler: Sneaky great. News, characters, range.
  • Jane Curtin: Original cast. Played it straight funny like nobody else.
  • Seth Meyers: One of the greatest writers and iconic delivery. Sarcasm, Oh REALLY?
  • Jimmy Fallon: Characters, impressions, singing and Infectious laughter. Has ANYONE ever had more fun being funny?
  • Kristen Wiig: Is she ever NOT funny? Any character, Any time.
  • Dan Aykroyd: Brilliant, versatile. Bass-O-Matic to Coneheads - he put the show on the map.
  • Bill Murray: He was so great, you THINK he's on the original cast. Is there anything more iconic than him with a lounge mic?
  • Phil Hartman : The glue. The perfect voice.
  • Jason Sudeikis: A voice and range that comes even close to Phil Hartman makes him in the running for any Best Of list.
  • Chris Rock : It's Chris Rock. Is there a bigger name?
  • Darrell Hammond: The man of a thousand impressions. Try not laughing at his Clinton or Trump.
  • Rachel Dratch: Debbie Downer makes great dinner party conversation,
  • Will Ferrell: Can say one word and make you laugh. Try finding a skit where he bombs.
  • Gilda Radner: Iconic original. There's only one Gilda.
  • Dana Carvey: Brought the show to a whole new level.
  • Bill Hader: Voices. Characters. Stefon.
  • Jan Hooks: Clang Clang Clang goes the trolley!
  • Fred Armisen: Keeps it weird. An original comic genius.
  • Norm Macdonald: Sarastic, witty, dry and the news was never the same. Just ask OJ.
  • Tracy Morgan: Every word out of his mouth is funny. Why wasn't Brian Fellows on every week?
  • Eddie Murphy: There's only one.
  • Adam Sandler: Force of nature. What was funnier, his songs on the news, or his laughing in skits?
  • Andy Samberg: Made digital shorts a staple.
  • Mike Myers: Waynes World, Simon, Sprockets, Lothar - you know, of the hill people? Iconic.
  • Maya Rudolph: Fearless. Brilliant week in and week out.
  • Molly Shannon: Superstar!
  • Vanessa Bayer: Who delivers a line better?
  • Jon Lovitz: Delivery, delivery, delivery.


  • Frank Grimes
    06/15/2020 | 17:35

    Andy sambetg wouldn’t have been in my top 20. But his clips are pretty funny.

  • snlfan
    06/13/2020 | 10:17

    I agree! Bill Murray and Aykroyd? How do you pick between half of ghostbusters! (Aykroyd is probably actually better but I picked BillMurray).

  • sydvicious
    06/12/2020 | 08:32

    Bill Murray, Chris Rock, and Dan Akroyd in same pod was just not right !

  • Charles
    06/09/2020 | 14:58

    Will Ferrell. It's not even close. His stuff still holds up better than anyone else's.

  • Sig Norlund
    06/09/2020 | 14:56

    Farley vesus Jimmy Fallion in the first round was too soon. Jimmy Fallon had some great characters and was great in the weekend update.

  • Debbie-87113332
    06/08/2020 | 10:23

    Gotta say - it's tough to beat Phil Hartman in his prime!

  • Harold-70285688
    06/08/2020 | 07:12

    Amen, Richard!

  • Richard-25876353
    06/05/2020 | 10:07

    Belushi is The King of SNL!