21 Jun, 2020

Best SNL Cast Member of All-Time: Wrap-up!

We know the Best SNL Cast Tourney has been the buzz all weekend, but just in case you've been living under a rock and didn't see the news - CONGRATULATIONS again to Eddie Murphy - The BEST SNL Cast Member of All-Time!!The tournament might be over, b
19 Jun, 2020

It's been decided! Eddie Murphy!

Congratulations to Eddie! He's officially the Best SNL Cast Member of All-Time! This race was too close to call until the final polls closed.  With a margin of 52-48, it took every vote to beat Bill Murray -- who put up a great fight all th
19 Jun, 2020

Best SNL Cast-Final Round: WOW! It's a dead heat with hours to go!

It's going to go down to the wire. Get YOUR vote in before the polls close at 7EST!
18 Jun, 2020

Championship Round! Best SNL Cast Member of All-Time! Vote Now!

Who's THE best SNL Cast Member of All-Time?  We don't know but it's going to be a great final!  Bill Murray vs. Eddie Murphy! Are you shocked? Sad? Pumped? These two had to take down some of the All-Time greats and most popular fan fav
17 Jun, 2020

Best SNL Cast Member of All-Time Final 4! Vote Now!

The Final 4 is here!  Murphy!  Belushi!  Ferrell! Murray!  Wow!  Who should fight for the crown.  Vote NOW!
16 Jun, 2020

Best SNL Cast Member of All-Time - Elite 8 Vote now!

Best SNL Cast Member of All-Time Sweet 16 winners have been announced! Let's just say, these were some close matchups with some big shifts down the stretch! So, now we're down to 8.  Who should make it to the final 4? Vote now!
16 Jun, 2020

Best SNL Cast Member of All-Time - Sweet 16 Update

The Best SNL Cast Member of All-Time Tournament is pushing through the Sweet 16 with some head-to-head matchups that are too close to call and have Bracket Breaker fans around the world glued to their devices.  As we write this Gilda Radner is h
15 Jun, 2020

Round 2! Time to Vote!

The Round 1 winners of the Best SNL Cast Member of All-Time have been announced!  Will Ferrell, John Belushi, Chris Farley, Bill Murray, Eddie Murphy, Tina Fey...yeah, they all made it, but some other favorites are on the outside looking in. &nb
14 Jun, 2020

It's time to vote! Round 1 of the Best SNL Cast Member of All-Time!

The brackets are in and it's time to get down to business.. Who will survive to Round 2? Cast your VOTE now!Make your voice heard! 
13 Jun, 2020

Best SNL Cast Member Update

Who's the frontrunner, Professor?  People love Will Ferrell, wedding Murphy, Chris Farley, and John Belushi but it's almost Tip-Off time and wee still don't have a clear favorite.  Here's how the brackets are breaking down.  How does Y
12 Jun, 2020

Best SNL Cast Member: Stuck in the Middle

Look who's stuck in the middle!  These are 10 BIG TIME NAMES who (so far) haven't cracked the top 10.  Is this shocking?  Is your favorite stuck in the middle?  You still have time to have some fun and make your picks!  Who YOU got?
11 Jun, 2020

Matchup Spotlight - Will Ferrell vs. Tracy Morgan - Who YOU got?

When we said this wasn't gonna be easy, we meant it!  Here's a Round 1 Best SNL Cast Member matchup that you can't avoid - Will Ferrell - Spartan Cheerleaders, Cowbell, the Culps! He's a champion in the makingvs.Tracy Morgan 
10 Jun, 2020

Matchup Spotlight! Phil Hartman v. Jason Sudeikis!

This is one of the toughest matchups in the bracket.  These two were two of the most versatile, play any character cast members of all-time. Phil Hartman was called the "glue" during his tenure, and Jason Sudeikis played
09 Jun, 2020

Matchup Spotlight - Chevy Chase vs. Amy Poehler - Who You Got?

Round one has some tough match-ups. here's one:  Chevy Chase - Original cast, President Ford, "Good Night and Have a Pleasant Tomorrow", Pratfall master. vs.Amy Poehler - Hillary Clinton, Weekend Update, Kaitlin.We never said this was gonna
08 Jun, 2020

Who's getting picked most for Champion?

Best SNL Cast Member of All-Time is getting some buzz and brackets are getting filled out quicker than you can say "living in a van down by the river!"  Who are the top favorites to win it all you ask?  Well, check out this data breakdown that show
07 Jun, 2020

Early Favorites - Best SNL Cast Member of All-Time

Looks like a battle is brewing for the Best Saturday Night Live Cast Member of All-Time!  The Tournament is a week away but early favorites are rolling in - get your bracket in and join the debate - Who you got?
06 Jun, 2020

Who's going "Buh Bye" in YOUR bracket?

Remember this classic? Some classic SNL'ers in this one. David Spade may not have made the cut, but this character and this phrase lives on! Some others however, are very much alive in the bracket.  Farley, Sandler and Mike Myers are all ge
29 May, 2020

Best SNL Cast Member of All-Time Bracket Has Dropped!

A new bracket has dropped!  It's time to decide the Best SNL Cast Member of All-Time!Warning - if you don't like to laugh and you don't like to decide important things, then this one's not for you.  Bracket Breaker Fans helped us narrow it
28 May, 2020

Best SNL Cast Member of All-Time Coming Soon!

Who will make the cut?  The Selection Committee has been holding auditions all week finalizing who will make the tournament and waiting on the play-in votes being counted for the last spots!  Who will be in and who is left out?  Wouldn
13 May, 2020

The Final 4 is here!

Colon Blow! Schmitt's Gay! Happy Fun Ball! Rectix! They're ALL funny, but only two can fight for the crown! Who will it be?Say goodbye to some classics. Little Chocolate Donuts - Sorry, John. You're one of the greats, but no medal for you this time.
12 May, 2020

We're down to 8!

Mom Jeans...Gone. Oops I Crapped My Pants...Gone. Bass-o-Matic...Gone. Annuale...Gone! Even the Rock in Xentrex went down!So who's making it to the Final 4? Based on the voter intensity we've seen so far, it's going to be hard to stop Schmitt's Gay o
10 May, 2020

It's time to vote!

Happy Mother's Day! But how will Mom influence the voting?It's time to celebrate all the Mom's out there. That's a given.  But the real question is will Mom Jeans walk away with the title? There's no doubt that Mom Jeans is one of the best
09 May, 2020

Mother's Day Weekend -We're laughing WITH you mom!

We all know Mothers Day is more than a day, it's a weekend. So let's celebrate them SNL-style. One of SNL's greatest trademarks is its ability to take the mundane, normal things about life and find their perfect points of parody to create something
07 May, 2020

Let's Laugh! Best SNL Commercial Parody is here!

Colon Blow? Happy Fun Ball? Little Chocolate Donuts? Woomba? Dissing Your Dog? Oops I Crapped My Pants? Totino's?  They're ALL hilarious. But which one's are THE funniest?Whether you're a die-hard SNL fan, a fan of the original cast, the new cas
06 May, 2020

Need a laugh? Need some sports? We do! BEST SNL commercial starts Thursday!

You said you miss laughing and you miss tournaments...So lets have one about the funniest SNL commercials.  To get you prepped, why don't you watch some funny SNL sports commercials. Just do it. 
29 Apr, 2020

Who shook me all night long? YOU did!

WE"VE GOT A NEW CHAMPION! BEST 80's HARD ROCK SONG CROWNED! It was a nailbiter against one of the best songs out there, anywhere (Paradise City).  But You've got to beat the best to be the best. And Shook Me All Night Long did just that.You
29 Apr, 2020

BEST EARLY 80'S SONG ANNOUNCED! We have a winner!

Get out your didgeridoo! Down Under takes down Take on Me! It was a heated battle but Men at Work held off 80's icons Talking Heads, Culture Club, and Duran Duran to take the top spot! In the end, voters couldn't resist the upbeat tempo, aw
28 Apr, 2020

Best Hard Rock song - TIME TO DECIDE!!

WOW! Paradise City vs. Shook Me All Night Long!! Clash of the Mother F-in Titans! Nuf Said! Vote NOW! 
28 Apr, 2020

IT'S TIME TO DECIDE! Best Early 80'S Championship is here!

Down Under versus Take on Me! Whhhaaaaaat?  How much more 80's could it be? The answer is none. NONE more 80's. We've lost some great ones - Looks like the world DID forget about me, you overslept and nobody woke you up before they go-go'd,
24 Apr, 2020

Best Early 80's Tournament Starts today! Who will survive?

Did you fill out your bracket?  Either way, get your votes in for Round 1!  Hard Rock Starts tonight!There are bound to be some surprises. So every vote counts. Who you got?  Nena? Culture Club? The Cure? Billy Idol? a-ha?  W
22 Apr, 2020


You can't talk about the 80's without talking about MTV. It shaped and revolutionized the way we consume music.  And became a game changing force in popular culture.  Do you remember your first MTV videos?  Getting heavy rotation on MT
19 Apr, 2020

You can dance if you want to! Looking for inspiration?

We're not sure if Jimmy Fallon's voting for the Safety Dance but check out this great rendition with The Roots for a good cause from Last Night's One World: Together at Home Special.You can check out the real Men Without Hats Version when you complet
17 Apr, 2020

Music Week starts! Let's all go back to the 80's!

2 new brackets have dropped!  Best 80's Hard Rock and Best Early 80's! Is there a better time for music? Whether you love awesome stadium rock, new wave, post-punk, or maybe just tons of synthesizer - the 80's had it all. Get your brackets in no
16 Apr, 2020

Music Week Starts Tomorrow!

Cabin Fever?  We've got the cure.  MUSIC! Two brackets at once coming your way! Let's go back to the 80's! Best Early 80's Song and Best 80's Hard Rock Song. Brackets will launch tomorrow afternoon.  Stay Tuned. In the meantime, v
09 Apr, 2020

Need Something to do? WE do!

Coming soon - Music Week! Multiple Tournaments coming your way! Best Early 80's Song!Best Hard Rock Song! And a few surprises!Have a topic YOU think needs to be decided? Send us your suggestions at
02 Apr, 2020

Experts? WE'RE the experts!

Bracket Breakers have spoken about a lot of things. And have a LOT of opinions.  Trust us - we hear about 'em all the time.  But how do we compare to the people who call themselves the REAL experts? Hmmmm. Pretty close - but the egghea
18 Mar, 2020

The Tourney has started!

The Brackets are in and it's time to decide! Lot of passion for penicillin. The Wheel v. Internet has people split down the middle! Get your votes in! We could all use a little distraction, so hopefully this will occupy your mind for a while.Hard to
11 Mar, 2020

The Bracket Has Dropped!

Best Invention Ever is here! The matchups are in! Get your bracket in today!Don't worry THESE didn't make the cut. 
11 Mar, 2020

Penicillin IN! Toilet IN!

Other news: Latest from the Selection Committee-Scissors is OUT! Bicycle OUT! Hard choices are being made. Region by Region, the final bracket is getting close. The play-in matchups had record engagement and the results were loud and clear. Both
08 Mar, 2020

Head to Head: Toilet v. The Printing Press battle to make the Bracket!

Vote for your choice in our Facebook Poll! The Printing Press: literally made it possible to share and spread the printed word.  Can you imagine a world without it?The flushable toilet:  Enjoy throwing your shit into the street? O
07 Mar, 2020

The Remote Control v. Penicilin? What?

The first play-in is underway! Vote on our Facebook page! Which one of these game-changers will earn its way into the big dance?Penicilin:  The first antibiotic - changed the face of medicine.  Has impacted hundreds of millions of
06 Mar, 2020

Best Invention Starts Wednesday! Play-In starts tonight!

The bracket's being finalized as we speak! Microscope and Toilet Paper are in! Who knows what else is going to make the cut? While our experts are debating what should be in or what should be out, here's some take-home prep for you to start getting r
05 Mar, 2020

Pop Quiz: What do YOU think will be the next BB Tourney?

19 Dec, 2019

Breaking News! Early Round 1 Returns!

Cabbage Patch is blowing the doors off Strawberry Shortcake! Mr. Potato Head is Neck and Neck with Hungry Hungry Hippos!Too close to call: Transformers v. Tonka Trucks and GI Joe is in retreat against Battleship! Get your votes in - EVERY VOTE C
18 Dec, 2019

The Brackets are in! Let the TOURNEY begin!

No more messing around. Now it's all up to you! THIS is the PEOPLE'S house. People have had fun filling out brackets, making their picks, and speaking their minds.  But NOW it's time to put your money where your mouth is and start voting!&n
14 Dec, 2019

Don't make your kids hate you. Get them something FUN.

It wasn't ALWAYS great opening presents.  Sometimes you got really screwed. So, as you think of those crazy sleepless nights and the sheer elation when you got that toy you wanted, here's a little reminder of what it was like when things, well,
12 Dec, 2019

'Tis the Season! BEST. TOY. EVER is here!

It's beginning to look a lot like....BRACKET TIME! The play-ins are done, and the bracket is set! 32 Toys. 5 Rounds. The Battle is just beginning. So tell us, what's the best present you ever unwrapped?!
06 Dec, 2019

Bracket Breakdown - Congrats to Caddyshack. But What just happened?

Well, that was one of the closest tourneys we've ever had.  We had some squeakers, some surprising upsets and some even more surprising blowouts.  And in the end, it came down to a clash between two classic comedy titans.  &n
04 Dec, 2019

Time Is Running Out! Vote Now!

It's down to the wire!  The closest Bracket Breaker championship vote ever!  Who's it gonna be?  Blazing Saddles or Caddyshack?  You decide!
03 Dec, 2019


Blazing Saddles versus Caddyshack! There can be only one!Don't forget to VOTEAnd checkout your list of favorites - based on how YOU played throughout the Tourney. More analysis and breakdowns coming soon!
01 Dec, 2019

8 is NOT enough! But here we are!

We're down to 8, and there are some real shockers. Office Space, Talladega, Lebowski and Holy Grail are all gone? And Tommy Boy keeps on trucking. We did NOT see that coming. The voters have setup some brutal choices.   We have to
27 Nov, 2019

Deeper Look - the funniest people.

32 Hilarious movies, and dozens of amazing actors.  But some keep popping up.  We don't know if the voters will take the whole body of work into account, or just one individual performance, but it's worth a look at who's who in this contest
22 Nov, 2019

Funniest Movie Ever Bracket has dropped!

32 of the funniest movies of All-Time. The matchups are set! It's time to decide.  Who you got?To give you some inspiration, here are some of the best movie lines.  We may not agree with all of them.  But a pretty good list, and it's h
21 Nov, 2019

Funniest Movie EVER! Starts TOMORROW!

Are you ready to laugh? In the meantime, get warmed up with this little comedic short. Oh - and have a root beer barrel!
31 Oct, 2019

It's been decided! Peanut Butter Cups!!!

It was CLOSE! 52-48%. Are you shocked? Sad? Are you excited or does this Jimmy Kimmel Clip sum up your Halloween picks?    This one was about as tight as it could be.  KitKat lead for much of the night, but a last minute surge by Peanu
31 Oct, 2019

Happy Halloween! It's time to DECIDE!

What are we saying? Checkout the numbers as the WORLD weighs in! But did YOU predict Kit Kat and Peanut Butter Cups? Who you got? Here are some key takeaways as you stare at your Halloween Candy Bowl today and cast your final vote. Kit Kat
29 Oct, 2019

The Elite 8 is HERE! Vote Now! Say Goodbye to some classics.

Some of the all-time favorites have been tossed aside. But now we're getting to the true Titans. One way to think about these last hard choices is to throw yourself back to the viscous Halloween Candy Trade wars when you were a kid.  What w
28 Oct, 2019

Happy National Chocolate Day! You can show your support by voting for chocolate!

Are you voting for Hershey? Milky Way? Snickers? M&M's? Peanut Butter Cups? Even Tootsie Pop counts. What better way to celebrate than voting for these chocolate favorites?EVERY kid loves chocolate.   So you probably did too. Let's
27 Oct, 2019

THE BRACKETS ARE IN! Tournament starts now! It's VOTING time!

5 Rounds.  32 Candies.  Who will survive? Round 1 runs 'til Monday night! What is it that makes Halloween so great? The costumes? The scares? The parties?Nope. The CANDY! So much candy. To get you in the mood, we thought this backgrounder on the m
25 Oct, 2019

TRICK OR TREAT? We're going with Treat.

The Best Halloween Candy Ever Tournament is here! Chocolate?  Licorice?  Suckers?  Peanuts? Caramel? What's in YOUR bag? It's time to show the world!You know you've had this fight with your friends.  But if you're the ki
25 Oct, 2019


It was a crazy Tournament. And scared the crap out of us.  But in the end, it was all Exorcist.  You all spoke.  Loud and clear. We will leave you with this....for now.   A scene so scary, it was deleted from the movie.  Enjoy!
24 Oct, 2019

IT's connection to The Shining? Interesting watch and learn.

Do you think Stephen King secretly connects these movies? We're going to stay out of it and let you think about it.   But it's a pretty cool idea. Something to think about while you decide who's better. 
23 Oct, 2019


Chainsaw -GONE.  Conjuring - GONE.  Halloween - See ya. Saw - Sorry Jigsaw. This is where it starts to get really HARD! Nightmare OR Exorcist?   Shining or IT?These may be the hardest choices you've ever made.  Ever. &nb
22 Oct, 2019

Round 2 Is ON FIRE! Vote NOW to decide who makes it to the final four!

Some classics got sent packing.   But here are some insights you might want to think about when you vote in Round 2.Exorcist and IT DESTROYED the Ring and Us. But Conjuring and Saw might be different stories.  Both of them got a l
21 Oct, 2019

IT'S TIME TO DECIDE! The Tournament has officially started!

The brackets are in! Let the games begin! Round 1 of the Scariest Movie Ever Tourney has begun -- who will survive to Round 2?   Will the world agree with your picks?  Will there be crazy surprises?  It's up to the people to decide.   Vote NOW
20 Oct, 2019

Early Bracket Breakdowns: Will these trends hold up in the Tourney?

Brackets due NOON EST MONDAY! But here are some early glimpses of what people are saying.  1) There's no clear hands down favorite -  No movie has broken the 15% mark yet - this is usually a strong indicator that it will at least survive to the Fin
19 Oct, 2019


Here's some fodder to help you decide.   We pulled a bunch of "expert" breakdowns.   Sometimes they seem right on.   And sometimes it feels like a head scratcher.  We want to note a point for context -- It's HALLOWEEN. So when WE
18 Oct, 2019


It's almost Halloween.  It's time to battle it out!  What movies are in your cue? If you're into haunted houses, scary ghost trails, making lists of the creepiest movies of All-Time, this one's for you. Are you more of a classic,
17 Oct, 2019


17 Oct, 2019

Have you checked the children? Scariest Movie Ever starts tomorrow!

Get ready to get scared out of your mind.  Start thinking about your scariest horror movie memories.   Afraid to watch?  Maybe it's time to check on the babysitter. 
10 Oct, 2019


Start getting in the Halloween Spirit! Let's decide!  If you dare!
09 Oct, 2019

Favorite Twin Wrap Up! Bracket Breaker Bullets

Kiiirrrrbyyyyyyyyy Puckett!  We Love Kirby and Always Have! Well, Twins fans, the season may have come to an end with another tough finish against the evil empire.   But it was an unforgettable run - that nobody saw coming.  And i
07 Oct, 2019


PUCKETT VERSUS KILLEBREW. WOW!In the end, this seems about right.  Perhaps the two greatest Twins of All-Time. And perhaps two of the most lovable and well-liked players in the game. Both defined what it a meant to be a Twin. Both defined baseba
06 Oct, 2019

The Final 4 is here!

It's the Hall of Famers! Killebrew and Carew. Puck and Blyleven! This has been a crazy back and forth.   We've had to say goodbye to Herbie, Kitty Kaat, Tony and in a razor close matchup - Joe. A lot of people thought Mauer would go all the
04 Oct, 2019

Everybody Wave Your Homer Hanky!

It's gametime!  Is the new version as good as the old?  If this doesn't get you excited, what will?  Get ready for the game tonight and checkout some old great clips to get you in the mood.  It can be done! Bomba SZN!Remember that
02 Oct, 2019

We need a Hero!

The 2019 Twins has a roster full!  So here's some inspiration that'll help you shake the dust off your homer hanky!This current crop has that special feeling.   It feels like '87 and '91 when nobody thought the Twins would do anything.
01 Oct, 2019

Favorite Twin of All-Time! IT'S HERE!

The Bracket is here!!  Just in time for another playoff run! It's time to decide! Who's your favorite Twins Legend?  There are SO many, and we're here to celebrate 'em all!!From '61 to today, they've given us so many great memories. &n
30 Sep, 2019

'87 or '91? Minnesota could use another parade.

When the Twins won in '87,  the State threw a parade like no other.  From Nicollet Mall to the Capitol, fans lined the streets.   Take a look back.
29 Sep, 2019

Game 162! Favorite Twin of All-Time Drops Tuesday!

Time to reflect on great Twin moments.  '87 or '91?  Vote on our Facebook page today.
28 Sep, 2019


FAVORITE MINNESOTA TWIN!  Check back! Bracket will be released on Tuesday!
09 Aug, 2019

It's been Decided!!

Ken Griffey is THE Best Baseball Player of Our Time! IN A LANDSLIDE!  He crushed the the Iron Man with 80% of the vote! Final Wrap Up News and Awards:True Grit: Only 5% of the people picked Cal to win in it all in
08 Aug, 2019

It's time! DOWN TO TWO!

JUNIOR VS JUNIOR!  Bottom of the 9th. Bases are loaded.  Do you want Ripken or Griffey?  Griffey was the bracket favorite.  But now where will all those voters who picked Rose, Bonds, Pujols, and Jeter go?  Does the Iron Man
08 Aug, 2019

UPDATE -- The FINAL 4 is down to the WIRE! Too close to Call!

Both matchups are neck and neck!  It's going to come down to the final moments.   Votes counted until 5pm EST TODAY!    WOW!This is one of the tightest Final 4s ever seen.   Early results are showing the world is al
06 Aug, 2019

WOW! The Elite 8 is Here!

8 Men OUT! 8 Men LEFT!   It gets harder from here.   Round 2 is here.  So get your votes in NOW!
05 Aug, 2019

It's Time to Bring the HEAT! Round 1 is starting!

The brackets are in and it's time Start the Battle!  16 players.  4 Rounds.   4 Decades.  Vote in Round 1 to decide who should survive and move on to the Elite 8!Will your bracket predict the future or are the voters going to thro
04 Aug, 2019

The Race is ON!

It's becoming a 4 man race!  Will it stay that way?  Still time to get your brackets in and make your voice heard!......Looks like there's a lot of Bonds, Rose, Pujols and Griffey fans out there.  Those 4 are leading the pack when it c
02 Aug, 2019

How about THAT?

Here's some classic TWIB notes for you.  If we do the Best Announcer bracket, Mel Allen gets a number one seed.  Who doesn't like highlights with Dave Parker, Pete Rose, Rusty Staub, Fred Lynn?  Come on!Pete Rose gets the Old Spice Big
31 Jul, 2019


Who ya got?! Roy Hobbs ain't in it.  But we got Jeter, Bonds, Boggs, Schmidt - yada yada yada.  It's time to Decide! Get your brackets in!
31 Jul, 2019

The Bracket is Set! MANNY is the Man!

Manny is in!  Chipper is out!  Brackets open at 5pm EST!!! 
31 Jul, 2019


The fight for the last spot is coming down to the wire!  Get your vote in on Facebook or Twitter by noon!  Manny has a slight lead but will he stumble and fall? Or will Chipper find his inner FREEZE?
30 Jul, 2019

Best Player of Our Time Coming Tomorrow! Selections and seedings are almost set! Vote in the Play-In now!

There's still time to decide who gets to make the dance! Manny or Chipper?  Vote on our Facebook or Twitter page by noon tomorrow!
28 Jul, 2019


Coming this week - Decide the Best Player of OUR time!  Here's a throwback to get you in the mood!  How about that!
24 Jul, 2019


16 Players.  4 Decades.  4 Rounds.   Who's the BEST baseball player of our time?
21 May, 2019

Griffin's Roost: Insight and Analysis by Jon Connington

Rubble and Ash: The Aftermath of a Tournament.     Sifting Through the Results Arya it is! Call her Arya Underfoot, Arya Horseface, Nan, Lanna of the Canals, No One, Arry, whatever you call her, she won won 59%-41% over Tyrion.
20 May, 2019

Catch Your Breath. What did YOU think?

Did you hear the news?  The show ended.  Pssst...Some people didn't like it. Did that ending leave you satisfied, wanting more, or wanting none of it ever again? Well, all good things must end.  The only question is HOW. I
19 May, 2019


19 May, 2019

Griffin's Roost: Insight and Analysis by Jon Connington

Championship Chalk-Talk: It’s been a long and arduous battle, has it not?  But it is far from over. A look at the analytics tells us that almost HALF of you no longer have a champion left standing as Arya battles Tyrion. As of this
19 May, 2019


THE BATTLE FOR BEST EVER IS DOWN TO 2!  ARYA AND TYRION CRUSH JON AND DANY TO PLAY FOR THE CROWN! It wasn't even close.  Arya and Tyrion were the clear and undisputed champions of their regions, each one DESTROYING their opponents in
18 May, 2019

The HOTSEAT! Final Four Characters By The Numbers.

Get Your Votes in now!  Did you know the show ends tomorrow?  You heard it here first! Sorry for the Spoiler.  But now you know.  What are your predictions? Are you stil watching?  Either way, here's some backgro
17 May, 2019


17 May, 2019

Get your Iron 8 Votes in! Round 3 Closes at 3:59EST!

Did Episode 5 satisfy?  Probably not.  But nobody's going to tell YOU what to do. So make your voice heard for Best GoT Character Ever. Who will survive to the Final Four?! 
16 May, 2019


SOME OF THESE WARRIORS HAVE BEEN BLOWING PEOPLE OUT. SOME HAVE BEEN HANGING ON.   How have the Iron 8 Contenders been handling their competition?  Will it indicate anything about this round?  We'll see tomorrow night when the
15 May, 2019

Round 2 Winners are in!! On to the IRON 8!

“This is great!!"  OR  “This Really Sucks.”  Who survived? Who got sent packing?   The Sweet 16 is over. The results will either make you really happy for the rest of the week or totally ruin your
14 May, 2019

Griffin's Roost: Insight and Analysis by Jon Connington

The Round One Run-down.  What's that you say?  Oh.  Got it.   Connington was pleased to see that he had landed in a comfy #8 spot on the leaderboard after Round One, until he saw that his very own lady wife was sitting t
14 May, 2019

Round 2 Closes at 459pm EST! Get YOUR votes in!

Make your voice heard!    
13 May, 2019

In Case You MIssed It: Round 1 Highlights and What the F Happened Last Night?

Did you hear about the show?  Oh, BTW - The Round of 16 is on FIRE!   You might have missed some things, so we thought we'd feed you some facts and some hidden gems to watch too. Some of the round one winners made it look so ea
13 May, 2019


The People are speaking! We’re clearing the decks.   Say goodbye to the losers.  Here’s a few you won’t see anymore:   Night King – Gone! Joffrey – Gone! Davos – Gone! Jorah &nda
12 May, 2019

Happy Mothers Day! Bracket tidbits to talk about at Brunch.

What can we say?  The Brackets are in.  Now the VOTING has started.   So we took a look at some of the key takeaways from the Bracket Round Data.  Here are some interesting things it says about how you picked in a vacuum. &n
11 May, 2019

Griffin's Roost: Insight and Analysis by Jon Connington

Who deserves to advance to the Sweet 16?   Did you vote in round one? If you're reading this you most likely filled out a bracket, but now it's time to go back in and enter your selects. These additional round one votes add points
10 May, 2019

Griffin's Roost: Insight and Analysis by Jon Connington

Bracket Round in Review - Initial Thoughts.     What just happened?                           
09 May, 2019

The Tournament Begins!! It's TIME TO DECIDE!!

THE BATTLE IS ON!! Vote NOW in Round 1!   A Record number of brackets were submitted and the passions are running high!   And NOW it’s TIME TO DECIDE - once and for all - the Best GOT Character Ever!!    T
09 May, 2019

Griffin's Roost: Insight and Analysis by Jon Connington

Submission Day Chatter.  Connington's Bracket submitted and reviewed!   My bracket is submitted. I kept it lingering in the edit phase and now it is there for all to behold. I didn’t realize the analytics component of this c
09 May, 2019

Brackets Due 5pm TODAY! Tournament Starts 5:01!

There's still time to get your brackets in! Brackets are still pouring in.   But you can see some early trends already.  Arya is the most common choice for Champion.  But Tyrion is on her heels.  There are some s
08 May, 2019

Griffin's Roost: Insight and Analysis by Jon Connington

What BEST means: Installment 4. Attraction. Visibility.  Impact.   We are cruising toward the final day for bracket submission and soon Connington will go deep on commentary regarding the specific match-ups. As we make our final br
08 May, 2019

People are Making Their Voices Heard!!

Get Your Brackets In! You can go to the Tournament Home page to fillout your bracket and see the latest on what people are saying on the message board. Checkout Other Ways to Debate and Share! Join a Group and Compare with Your Frien
07 May, 2019

Griffin's Roost: Insight and Analysis by Jon Connington

What BEST Means: Installment  3. The V Word.     The next segment of Connington's criteria is VIOLENCE. It's an ultraviolent show; there's no getting around that. Probably if you watch G.O.T. you're drawn to
07 May, 2019

Griffin's Roost: Insight and Analysis by Jon Connington

What BEST means:  Installment 2.   Acting the Part   Category 2 is Acting. This is the time to take account of the performer’s gifts and the performer’s art. Of course, this category could not exist if we were d
07 May, 2019

Off to a Hot Start!

Everyone have their morning Starubcks?  Day one and brackets are pouring in! Lots of content to help you decide. Did you know you can create or join groups with your friends?  You can even compare your brackets and see who you're
06 May, 2019

Griffin's Roost: Insight and Analysis by Jon Connington

Connington here. Let’s keep talking about what BEST means. How do you rate the inherent worth of a TV show character? (Set aside, if you will, the fact that it’s a frivolous endeavor and a total waste of time. It is. But if you’re r
05 May, 2019

It's Time! The Bracket has come!

The battle to decide the Best Game of Thrones Character Ever has begun! Find out more!     Welcome, Game of Thrones fans, to the latest Bracket Breaker competition: Best Game of Thrones Character from the HBO television show. Ar
05 May, 2019

Play -In Poll Winners Announced!

The People have spoken! Missandei and Ygritte defeat Mountain and Stannis to make it in! Bracket Drops at 3pm!
04 May, 2019

The Play-In is Tight!

30 of 32 Characters have been selected.  Missandei, Mountain, Stannis and Ygritte are battling it out for the last two! Go to our facebook page to cast your vote! Polls close at 11:59pm Saturday!  
03 May, 2019

Best Game of Thrones Character Ever!

The Bracket is Coming! Sunday. 3pm. Don't sit out the storm. Join the Battle! It begins. Time to start prepping.